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North India Tour: Exploring Spectacular Destination

15 days 14 Nights North India Tour

15 days 14 Nights North India Tour

North India, a land of diverse cultures, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes, beckons travelers with its irresistible allure. From the majestic Himalayas to the bustling cities, from serene river valleys to vibrant festivals, a tour of North India promises an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, a spiritual seeker, or an adventure junkie, this region offers something to captivate every heart.

Dates for your diary

While visiting the north of India, keep the following dates in mind. June: While June is the beginning of the monsoon season in the north, it is also the month when the weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are lush and green. Perfect for exploring the lush landscapes of the north! October: If you want to explore the colourful culture of North India, October is a great time to visit this part of India. December: If you are one of those who loves snowfall, then December is a great month to visit the Himalayan towns of the north.

Delhi – The Capital Mosaic:

Begin your journey in Delhi, the heart of North India. Immerse yourself in the contrast between Old Delhi’s narrow, winding lanes and the grandeur of New Delhi’s colonial architecture. Visit iconic sites like the Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, and Humayun’s Tomb. Delve into the city’s bustling markets, such as Chandni Chowk, and savour its eclectic cuisine. Be sure to visit the museums like the National Gallery of Modern Art and the National Museum to learn more about the cultural richness of Delhi. Delhi is also home to some of the best restaurants in the country and is a great place to try and explore some of the typical Indian cuisines. You can also try out some of the international cuisines like Italian, Chinese, and Japanese when in Delhi.

Agra: The home of the Taj Mahal

Next, head to Agra, the home of the iconic Taj Mahal. Apart from the iconic mausoleum, there is also the Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is also worth a visit. You can also explore the famous Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb, known for its architectural beauty. While in Agra, don’t forget to explore the lively and vibrant local markets. You can also visit the Sikandra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Naulakha Bagh, home of the original Peacock throne. Be sure to try out some authentic North Indian cuisines while in Agra. Delicious dishes like Dal Makhani, Makki ki Roti, and Malai Gosht are a must-eat when in Agra.

Varanasi: The spiritual capital of India

The spiritual epicentre of India, Varanasi, beckons those seeking a deeper connection. Witness the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti, a nightly ceremony on the ghats of the Ganges River. Explore ancient temples, and winding alleys, and absorb the profound spiritual atmosphere that has drawn pilgrims for centuries. While in Varanasi, you can also visit the Sarnath, the site where Buddha gave his first sermon after attaining enlightenment. You can also visit the Gyanvyapi, where Buddha delivered his first sermon. While in Varanasi, be sure to try the famous Banarasi Bhath and the Ganges Boat ride.

Jaipur – The Pink Gem:

As you venture into Rajasthan, the “Pink City” of Jaipur awaits. Admire the Hawa Mahal, a stunning palace with intricate latticework, and explore the imposing Amber Fort. Don’t miss the City Palace and Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory, reflecting the city’s regal past. Jaipur also has some incredible museums that are worth visiting like the Indian Museum, the Jayalalitha Palace Museum, and the Albert Hall Museum. Be sure to visit the colorful and vibrant local markets while in Jaipur. While in Jaipur, don’t forget to savor authentic local cuisines like Dal Bafla, Ghewar, and Lassi.

Cultural Experiences:

  1. Festivals and Fairs: North India is known for its vibrant festivals, such as Diwali, Holi, and Navratri. Witness the fervor and color as streets come alive with celebrations, music, and dance. The Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan is a unique spectacle blending culture, trade, and festivities.
  2. Cuisine: Indulge in the diverse culinary delights of North India. Savor the delectable chaats, succulent kebabs, rich curries, and aromatic biryanis. Don’t miss the famous street food of Chandni Chowk or the traditional Rajasthani thali.

Start Your Tour Now

A North India tour is a journey of contrasts, from the bustling streets of Delhi to the serenity of the Himalayan ranges, from spiritual enlightenment in Varanasi to the regal charm of Rajasthan. The region’s history, culture, and landscapes create an unforgettable tapestry of experiences, promising a trip that will linger in your heart long after you’ve returned home. So, pack your bags and embark on an enchanting voyage through the treasures of North India.

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