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Places to Explore in Rajasthan in October and November

Places To Explore In Rajasthan In October And November

Places To Explore In Rajasthan In October And November

Rajasthan is also known as the ‘Land of Kings’. There are many Places to Explore in Rajasthan. Additionally, it has numerous forts that are still in use today. The land of ethereal fairy tales is the perfect place to invoke your inner wanderlust. From the spectacular view of sunset at Sam (or summer) Gadh to the lush green valleys of Ranthambore, Rajasthan offers tourists a wide range of activities to explore in October and November.

Here’s a list of places you cannot miss during your stay in Rajasthan during the second half of October and November:

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

A camel Safari to the Thar Desert will never get old. The first rule when you are in the desert is to look up. The sky is an unending sea of stars. There is no light pollution here. The desert is a million miles away from the bustling cities. Jaisalmer is among the ideal Places to Explore in Rajasthan during October-November. This is the season when the desert is at its most beautiful. The temperature is extremely pleasant most of the time. 

The best time to have a desert safari is in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is at its most forgiving. The sun is at its fiercest from 11 am to 3 pm. Once you head out into the desert, the thrill of riding on the camel and the warmth of the sun are all you need to keep the adventure going. The best part about the desert safari is that it is an experience that you will never forget.

Bishan Ruins and Dhruv-Kila in Jodhpur

Visit the Bishnoi Village at the foothills of the famous Mehrangarh Fort. The Bishnoi Village is one of the most amazing Places to Explore in Rajasthan. The Bishnoi people believe in the principle of ‘Go green, save the planet. Hence, they have planted a variety of trees and have created a green oasis at the foothills of the Mehrangarh Fort. 

The Bishnoi people also have some very interesting traditions, including marrying outside their community. There is also a very famous temple at the foothills called the ‘Waleshwars’ temple. After exploring the Bishnoi Village and the Mehrangarh Fort, you can also visit the Dhruv-Kila, which is an ancient observatory built by a famous king named Maharana Pratap.

Camel Safari in Bikaner

Head to Bikaner, one of the most popular cities in Rajasthan. Bikaner is best known for its desert culture and its camel breeding. For people who love desert safaris, Bikaner is a perfect place to visit in October-November. You can visit various places in Bikaner, including the famous Jhak Jhak ki Temple and the Bikaner Fort. 

You can also go on a Camel Safari in Bikaner. The Camel Safari is one of the most amazing things to do in Bikaner. The Camel Safari takes about 2-3 hours. During the Camel Safari, you will get to see the beautiful landscape of Bikaner and will also get to know about the desert culture. You can also get a chance to interact with the local people and try your hand at local crafts like pottery and weaving.

Bhainsrorgarh Fort and BADA Temple in Jaipur

Visit the famous and magnificent Bhainsrorgarh Fort. On your visit, you can also visit the Bhawadiji Lake and the BADA Temple. The Bhawadiji Lake is a beautiful lake that is a great place to take pictures. You can also visit the BADA Temple and experience the rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan. After exploring the Bhainsrorgarh Fort, Bhawadiji Lake and the BADA Temple, you can also visit the famous Jai Mahal Palace, which is a great place to take pictures. 

Jaipur is a city that never sleeps. You can visit the Blue Bar at the Hotel Jai Mahal Palace to have a drink while watching the sunset. You can also visit the famous Hawa Mahal, which is a pavilion that is very famous among tourists. You can also visit the famous Chor Bazaar, which is a great place to shop for Rajasthani handicrafts and souvenirs.

Ranthambore National Park

Udaipur, Rajasthan’s most popular destination, is 250 kilometres away from Ranthambore National Park. Here, you may witness the magnificent tiger in action, with its sleek physique, vertical black stripes, and regal face. Previously, the area that is now known as Ranthambore was the exclusive hunting territory for the rulers of Jaipur. 

Almost every tiger in Ranthambore has a unique legend and reputation that precedes their lineages. Interestingly, every tiger enthusiast who visits Ranthambore National Park returns home with a positive tiger narrative.

The Aravallis separate the park’s desert areas. Tigers are the most common animals here, but hyenas, leopards, and wild pigs also live here. The area is also home to parrots, crows, and vultures. You can book the Wildlife Safari Tour Packages offered by Discovery Prime Tours to have once in a lifetime experience.

The Bottom Line

If you like deserts, October is the most ideal time to visit Rajasthan. Deserts are at their most beautiful during this season due to the pleasant weather. The most suitable time for a desert safari is early morning or late evening, when the sun is most forgiving. It is ideal to visit these cities during October and November if you love exploring cities. Despite the pleasant weather, the festive season is just around the corner, making this time of year a worthwhile time to celebrate.

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