I was in India for 3weeks and the tour was pretty extensive. From start to finish the tour itself was seamless and drivers were great. Thanks to Ram Kumar, Basil and Akhilesh for ensuring I was safe and where I needed to be on the dates specified. The places visited were amazing, we managed to fit a lot in. I think Agra and Mumbai were my most favourite places and would probably visit there again. There were many temples that were amazing throughout the whole trip, I can’t actually pick just one favourite from them, they were all amazing in their own way. Thanks to Deepti who checked up on me every few days to see if I was happy and ok! I would say the only downside were the way guides took you to shops after the tour to try and get you to buy things, I didn’t appreciate that and have learnt my lesson. I would definitely come back to visit different places but will probably use the audios available at each destination instead of an actual guide! Thanks to Discovery Prime Tours / Narendra for an overall great experience, it is very much appreciated