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There are some parts of the world that once visited get into your heart and never let go. India is such a place when people first visit, they stunned by its lush beauty, different colors, smells, tastes and souls. If we were to look over the entire world to discover the country most richly gifted with all the wealth, beauty and color that nature can give in some parts on earth; we point out to India.”

The most priceless assets of India as a popular tourist destination lies in thousands years old historical and artistic heritage. Every state, every part of lndia encompasses customs of its own, totally different in traditions, language, festivals, beliefs and rituals with diverse and unique style of living and dresses.

One finds everything in India: exotic as well as native, the snow clad Himalayas crowned the head in the north, covering all the beauty within itself, releases the almighty rivers,..... more info >>